Why Should We Meditate?

(1) Because of what the Bible is—Revelation from God. In the Bible God
has spoken and through this book God reveals Himself, reveals who and
what man is, and what His plan for man consists of. (Cf. Ps. 19:7f; 2 Tim. 3:
16; 2 Pet. 1:20-21; Isa. 55:8f.)

The Bible was given to us by God to be read and meditated on. “An unread
Bible is like food that is re-fused, an unopened love letter, a buried sword, a
road map not studied, a gold mine not worked.”

(2)  Because of what man is and needs—Reconciliation to God and one
another. The nature of man and the nature of the world and Satan
constitutes a great need for personalizing the Word: cf. Eph. 4:16f; 5:15f; 2
Cor. 4:4; etc. Because man is a holistic being, his spiritual, psycho¬logical,
and physical faculties are complexly inter-twined.The goal of Christian
meditation is to internalize and personalize the Scripture so that its truth can
affect how we think, our attitudes, and how we live, and our actions.