Pastor Viel (Phillipines)

Dear Bishop Michael,

I've just checked our bank this morning and I would like to inform you that we have
just receive the love gift you have sent its $630.00.  Again thank you for the help you
have sent to be used in building God's Kingdom, may God continue to release His
bountiful blessing to you and your family and your ministries, may God continue to
enlarge your territory and everything you do will continue to bless by our Lord.

I sent the
PHOTOS powerpoint during our trip to Pangasinan and Nueva Ecija hope
you already receive it if not I'll send it again.. This Afternoon I will be going to Mindoro
province to minister to the youth will speak about Servant Leadership, I will also send
you photos when I come back on Monday.

Thanks again,

In Him we live,
Ptr. Viel.

L. Moore

Dear Pastor, I want to thank you for all you have done for me and my family. Since we
have been under your ministry we have grown tremendously. Thank you for all the
Godly advice and counsel we received while at Corpus Christi Faith Church

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

I know that I have sent my thanks throughout the year for your prayers, your support
for Israel and the Jewish people around the world… and now, your willingness to
come forward, and stand with us during the Hamas crisis, has moved me beyond
words. I honestly don't know how to adequately express all that you have done, all
that you have helped The Fellowship to do — how does one show their gratitude
when the Holy Land finally has true guardians? When, after thousands of bloody
years, Jewish lives are literally being saved by Christians and Jews working together?
Perhaps it is fitting that as I write this note to you, my Holy Land Moment inspirational
on Psalm 98 talks about summoning the nations to praise God, expressing joy in the
Lord through song.

As I visited the southern border towns, saw the devastation, heard the stories of the
people — witnessed the daily miracles of food, water, shelter that YOU helped
provide… I sang. As I visited the bomb shelters that The Fellowship has been able to
provide, when I saw the Iron Dome in action, saving countless countless Jewish
lives… I had a thought, an image, a vision if you will, so very clear, an image of your
arms outstretched — the arms of so many Christians from around the world —
reaching toward Israel and her people, arms stretched out in prayers to God,
stretched out with loving gifts of support, providing a great and powerful bubble of
protection over us, giving us comfort in our greatest time of need… and tears came to
my eyes. And I sang in praise of God.

Through your incredible generosity in Israel's greatest times of need, you have shown
that you are a dear and true friend to Israel. I am so humbled, so grateful for your
unwavering, steadfast dedication to the Jewish people and to the Holy Land. Because
of you, we were able to quickly move more shelters into place even while the rockets
were coming down. Because of your quick generosity, The Fellowship was able to
immediately restock food and water in the hard-hit communities. We were able to
equip local emergency response teams, and we were able to immediately provide
what hadn't been thought of before, like sheltered portable toilets for the elderly and
disabled who could not get to protective shelter in the 17 seconds after the rocket
warning siren goes off.

You were there, standing with us, standing with Israel, surrounding us with a sphere
of protection and goodwill with your prayers and your gifts of support. And I do not
know how to let you know how much it means to us, to Israel, to The Fellowship, and
to me personally. How deeply grateful I am — how deeply grateful we all are — for
you. I am reminded of another song, Psalm 133, "How good and how pleasant it is for
brothers to dwell together in unity…" And while there may not yet be peace on earth, I
truly feel unity bridging, bringing together Christians and Jews — because you are
standing with us.

And I thank you, with every song in my heart.

With continued prayers for shalom, peace,

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
Founder and President


Bishop Saltmarch thank you so much for your prayers, the demons of depression
have gone since I begin supporting your Ministry and making the daily confessions
that you recommended.

As a long time supporter of your ministry, I thank God for the aid and financial support
we have given to foreign missions. It has made me feel good in my spirit as a
Christian to know that we are helping people less fortunate.
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