After 37 years of  studying and teaching the Word of God, and seeing many
people come to know the joy of the Lord and the power of a transformed life
through faith. I am convinced that Jesus is the answer for this world and all it
woes and sorrows.

This ministry is about Jesus, a true bible based message that tells it like it is.
Jesus said that it is the truth that will set you free.  I am not interested in personal
glory or making my name known, I'm interested in glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ
and lifting up the NAME that is above all names. This ministry has touched the
lives of hundred's of people from the South Pacific, to Russia, to Israel and
around the USA. Personally impacting, and edifying  people-people like you. And
if you love Jesus and would like to partner with us to continue preaching,
teaching and spreading the Gospel, your support to continue would be a
blessing to us. Thank you for your friendship.

— Pastor Michael Saltmarch


Your partnership enables our ministry to reach people with the love of God in
Jesus Christ and help them mature in saints of the "Most High God".

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About Michael Saltmarch
Dr.. Saltmarch was educated in
the Public School System of
Birmingham, Alabama. He is a
certified tax professional with over
20 years experience as a tax
practitioner. A Graduate of the
National Tax Training
School,(N.Y.) Graduate of the
McGraw-Hill School of
Contemporary Bookkeeping &
Accounting (Washington D.C.)
a graduate of Lawson State
Community College [psychology]
(AL) a graduate of the University
of Alabama Birmingham
[Criminal Justice) a graduate of
Birmingham School of Law (Juris
Doctorate) His main goal and
ambition in life is to reach the
lost for Jesus Christ and keep the
hearts of saved believers
encouraged unto the coming of
the Lord Jesus.
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