What Does It Mean to Meditate?

Let me begin by saying that all meditation is not the same and is not created equal as the
phrase goes. This becomes critically important as it relates to Christians and believers in this
new millennial age where many eastern modalities of meditation are becoming popular and
being practice by many naive Christians. You have probably heard of Transcendental
meditation which is what it is commonly referred to by its advocates and propagators. In
scripture we read a warning from Paul, that in the last days many would depart from the faith
as they gave heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. God's word does not support
Transcendental  meditation namely because it makes a person vulnerable to Satanic influence
and demonic possession. This form of meditation invites one to empty themselves mentally
and spiritually, thus becoming an unwitting host to all kinds of spirits not of God. According to
scripture we are sealed with the Holy Spirit and we should meditate on him and his word
because therein is the biblical blessing of meditation as mentioned in Psalm 1.

According to the dictionary meditation is defined as :  contemplation, thought, thinking,
musing, pondering, consideration, reflection, deliberation, rumination, brooding, reverie,
brown study, and concentration. In the Hebrew bible it means: :
meditate,mourn,speak,imagine,study,mutter,utter,roaring, and sore. Biblical meditation has a
symbiotic relation to the word and the word is its focus, catalyst and foundation. This can not
be said of new age forms of Transcendental meditation. Biblical meditation is about lifestyle
change, and transformation through God's word and to his glory.

Dr. M.E. Saltmarch A.A.B.S,J.D.